Women's Reproductive Health Overview

Women can encounter certain health issues and life experiences that powerfully affect the way they feel and their relationships with people close to them. In particular, issues related to trying to have children, pregnancy, and new motherhood can have a profound impact on women's emotional and psychological health.

I offer focused therapy services for those experiencing infertility and navigating fertility treatment or other family building options as well as for those who are pregnant or in the postpartum period and feeling anxious, sad, or otherwise concerned about their well-being. I also help women heal following miscarriage and other types of pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and the loss of a baby. For these and other issues related to women's reproductive health and family building, I help women develop ways to reduce the distress and emotional upheaval that can accompany these experiences, enhance their sense of stability and well-being, and strengthen their relationships with people close to them during these experiences and beyond.

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