Postpartum Support

Individual Support:

I support women’s and men’s emotional wellbeing when expecting a child and after a baby is born, and help people navigate the complexities of being a parent of a baby or young child. In therapy, I will help you explore and understand the factors affecting how you are feeling, provide a space of encouragement and support, and offer tools and guidance so that you can cultivate realistic expectations and healthy ways of setting up and navigating your world. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depressive symptoms, sleep challenges affecting your mood and wellbeing, or simply wanting space to explore your thoughts and feelings on becoming a parent or other issues emerging, I can be of help. When needed, I will connect you with relevant resources (e.g., perinatal psychiatrists for medication consultations, other birth/postpartum professionals who may be of help, postpartum support groups) to provide more comprehensive treatment.

Group Support:

I co-facilitate Marin General’s Pathways: A Support Group for Postpartum Moms.

Postpartum support groups can be an invaluable way for moms of babies to connect with one another and focus on their own emotional health in a supportive space. Most are facilitated by licensed therapists specializing in perinatal wellness, and are a combination of open support group coupled with the the therapist leader sharing tools and ideas to help women better navigate the challenges of this time.

Additional Postpartum Support Groups

Marin County:

San Francisco:

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Online Support Group (Postpartum Support International):

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