Adjusting to Parenthood

Trained as a Gottman "Bringing Baby Home" educator and certified in the treatment of pregnancy-related/postpartum mood and anxiety disorders by Postpartum Support International (PSI), I help women and men navigate the adjustment to parenthood. By understanding the transition to, and realities of, early parenthood and learning tools and approaches for the challenges in this time, people can strengthen their bond with their partners and increase their relationship satisfaction during their child's first year (and beyond).

For women, specifically, I help them examine their shifts in identity in becoming a mother, drawing on the concept of "matrescence," or "the birth of a mother," and the associated thoughts and feelings that come with this change. By exploring how their expectations of motherhood align - or don't - with reality and by developing healthy and realistic expectations for themselves, new mothers can feel better and more grounded as they navigate the profound shift from pre- to post-baby life.

For helpful ideas on matrescence and the shifts in identity women experience in becoming mothers, see Dr. Alexandra Sacks' article, "The Birth of a Mother" and her six-minute TED talk, "A New Way to Think About the Transition to Motherhood."

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